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Technical Assistance Program for Aboriginal Not-for-Profits (TAP)
Pilot Programs: NEXT Generation Arts Leadership
Success Factors in Building Sustainability

As recently announced, we are re-designing our long-standing 'Partners in Organizational Development' programs to be better aligned with the new realities of not for profit organizations.

Check back here in late August for information on dates and applications process for social service, arts, environmental and Aboriginal capacity grants.

Technical Assistance Program for Aboriginal Not-for-Profits (TAP)

TAP has been created to support the capacity building efforts of B.C.'s Aboriginal not-for-profit organizations. To find out more about TAP, please click on the appropriate title below:

TAP granting program
Development of TAP and its activities to date

Pilot Programs: NEXT Generation Arts Leadership

The NEXT Generation Arts Leadership Program has been designed for small and medium-sized arts organizations that are moving out of start-up and need targeted financial and knowledge resources to grow.

Success Factors in Building Sustainability: Two Key Concepts

1. Leadership Development

At the Centre for Not-for-Profit Sustainability we recognize the importance of the following to advancing an organization’s change agenda:

  • the potential impact of a wide range of actors,
  • the usefulness of a diverse range of knowledge resources, and
  • the value of hands-on learning.

Therefore, our programs are designed to:

  • nurture collective leadership,
  • encourage complementary learning activities, and
  • promote "action learning" or "learning-by-doing".

2. True Capacity

We believe that an organization possesses capacity when it has the right skills, the right attributes and sufficient resources to accomplish its mission at each developmental stage.

We define optimal capacity as a group's ability to achieve alignment across five infrastructure dimensions – programs, management, governance, resources, and systems – for each stage in their lifecycle.

We believe this framework gives staff, volunteers and board members the chance to look at a change agenda within their own current scope and scale, disarm challenging issues and carry out realistic and achievable change agendas.

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